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CHARLES EMMETT is from Portland, Oregon.


Charles Emmett  has really been acting and writing since he was eight years old. In Portland, Oregon his third grade teachers, Mrs. Collins, and later Ms. Feingold would encourage him. "If you want to write.., just write.  Just write and see what happens..." At eight years old Charles wanted to be the next William Shakespeare.  In his mind, Charles became the black Woody Allen instead.  But with a twist. When he saw the film 'What's Up Tiger Lily?' by Woody Allen, Charles realized Woody Allen could help him become an expert on healing a nation through entertainment.  After observing the tragedy at the world trade center in New York on September 11, 2001, Charles formed ‘Americans United America’, a non-profit humanitarian production company geared toward uniting all Americans through Quality, Funky, Hilarious, Educational Enlightening Entertainment.


Charles's recent projects include GET OUT THERE AND VOTE! 'Short Film Announcements" for the 2018 Mid-Term Elections.  Charles' very first film for Americans United For America, ‘An Average American Marriage’, won "Best Directorial Debut" at the 2013 New York International Independent Film Festival (Los Angeles Edition). The film: 'An Average American Marriage', is a poignant take on our contemporary times incorporating everything that makes us seem different and shoving it through a truth blower aimed right at your face with love and respect for the human condition. The film also won "Best Short Film" and "Audience Award" at the 2012 ITN Film Distribution Festival in Los Angeles, California. 


Charles has directed and produced over forty Public Service Announcements, (PSAs).  These PSAs, "ONE Nation: Get Out There And Vote! and Volunteer In Your Community!" were selected and distributed across the United States for the 2008, 2010,

2012 & 2014 local and national elections. The film and PSAs were all produced through Americans United For America, Inc.


Charles' over fifty movie and TV acting credits include: Kenan (2021), S.W.A.T., Will & Grace, 9-1-1, Living Biblically, Shameless,

The Sackett Sisters, Adam Ruins Everything, Grey's Anatomy, Trial & Error, Switched At Birth, Good Luck Charlie,

The Real O'Neals, Angel From Hell, Parenthood, Growing Up Fisher, ‘Truth Be Told’, Dads,  24, Prison Break, Star Trek: Voyager, and many more. 


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What is it like working with Charles Emmett?  CLICK HERE

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